Rumour Rock

Dearest creatures, it's been a while since I say something. Some days behind been quite mumbling too. For doing anything, or reading. Apparently lost in your own thinkings and debating with your own minds can take that many days.

So, a light reading today, bit lighter than usual:

Jerry Oppenheimer and Jack Vitek. 

It's a story about Rock Hudson, and for you young'uns, I'll tell you: he's a famous Hollywood celebrity, a dashing actor, or as the book's subtitle put it: An American Film Hero. If you still sitting there with confused blank faces, go ask your mothers, or grand mothers--it's much interesting than googling.

This book is an old book, my father's actually. He bought it during his couple days' visit to Pittsburgh. I never quite understand why though, knowing that he's not quite a fan of Rock Hudson, nor any of his films--same taste that I shared.

Probably he got the book because back then, talks about Rock Hudson's sexual orientation and the AIDS issues was still strong. It's just couple of months after Rock's death anyway.
Made me wondering is Rock's reputation really came from his works or his death. Note that decades ago AIDS issues and LGBT movement weren't like nowadays, people were just started talking about it.

About the book, from the first page of reading it, feels like I keep being hinted about tragical life of Rock Hudson. But again, this book's published not long after his death. There's a probability that it's not the writing, but because the label of Rock's death that affected my mind while I read.

I won't say this book is a biography though, concerning that I still debating the concept of biography itself. This is more like a history book.
The story of Rock Hudson written by Vitek and Oppenheimer, a tragic story compiled from facts and stories they got from other celebrities and sources. Harshly saying, this book's almost like a Wikipedia article, just with more details.

Yet, it's been a quite long light reading. Rhymed with the hard rain that's been hitting the window. Getting lost in the book tricked my brain to forget some things.
Faded for a while.

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