Nought Thought

We, human being, are in nature to make conclusion of others on appearance. We do.

Books includes, as in looking at books that other read.
You see someone's bookshelf filled with religion books, then easily thought that this person is a religious one. If it filled with sewing and knitting and cooking books, she's a good housewife. Romance trash novels, I say she's a silly girl. Comic books, a fun laid back guy. Facts books and dictionaries, maybe he can be a good help on filling the crosswords.

Fortunately, because there's always another factors that then paint these conclusions, also means that there's always a major probability that conclusions adapt and change. And in most cases they do change.

Some claimed that judgement based on the books choices is believable than presumption that comes from other factors, physical appearance for example. But the source of it still won't change the fact that it is still a judgement that comes from us: the creature that is always filled with faults.

Conclusions and judgments always have a hole in it, which means, there's always more to it. Which also means this natural 'habit' of ours is one of that helps abolish stories, or create it.

Choices available all the time on how to deal with conclusion, how far would you believe it, how strong would you believe it, how long would you keep it.

Although probably they never really gone from our minds..

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