Rights of Ideas

For someone having four blogs, yet barely managing it, creating another one seemed to be part of a true manic episode . It is.

At first, I blame it to Miy, The Picnic Girl simply for bringing up the reading challenge. Though it really is the hormones, heat, October's end, sleepless hours, biscuits and excitements that hold the faults.

November Gong was made mainly because I agreed to the reading challenge, and 140 characters wouldn't be enough for the stories. So my brain, that's in its hyper chamber, suddenly flicked and said, 'well, let's make a blog about it !'.

Ergo, this blog will be mostly about books and readings. And because of the out of the blue tones it has, the nature of names and the titles are useless to be questioned, and also because: I create bad puns.

Hopely, along with times there will be some improvements from the blog, though I can't promise that. I also can't, and won't, promise that I will write everyday. Because, writing is exhausting. It took times. Especially to read.

Thus, the Readers, wherever you are, whatever age you are, whoever you are, if you are even exist:

Enjoy the privilege, because 
what happens in November, stays forever. 

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